At GMP Restoration whether it’s a classic muscle car, vintage European auto, or your custom project, there’s one thing we know for sure: when it comes to restoration, experience counts. At GMP Restoration, that’s all we do, and we have been doing it at the highest level on a wide variety of cars for many years.

Our In-House Services Include:

Complete restoration services

Upgrades – brakes, suspension, engine, & transmission

General auto repair of pre-1980 vehicles

Wheels & tires

Tune ups, brakes, & suspension

AERO Sustainable Paint Technology:

AERO Sustainable Paint Technology™ was first developed for the Boeing 787 dreamliner and then in motorsports for Lotus F1 as a lightweight, easy to-install paint alternative. Following the successful transition into Formula 1, sports car, IndyCar, NASCAR, single-make, and drag racing teams were quick to adopt the value adding technology. The AERO™ film-based paint system not only provides the high-end finish of spray applied paints, but also adds the convenience of imageable film technologies, without the weight or durability failings of substitute products. this product effectively removes the necessity of spray on paint.

AERO Applications:
Race car livery
Any car, truck or SUV
Commercial vehicles

Eco Friendly:
AERO™ advanced paint technology is as close to VOC-free as any paint has ever been. The implications are enormous for any business who wants to be ahead of the curve. For every visionary who knows the financial rewards of offering a product that doesn’t harm the environment.

AERO™ advanced paint technology weighs less, because it simply requires less to do the job. AERO™ film-based paint system is a one-coat process. For every application in which environmental impact is part of the equation, the bottom line is; AERO™ equals huge savings.

Windsheild protection:

Windshield skin’s function is to protect the vehicle’s windshield from damage resulting from flying rocks, stone chips and other road debris. It requires some basic care and maintenance in order for it to provide a long service life and protect your windshield. Our 4-layer system is the world’s first and only product of its’ type.

Race car livery
Any car, truck or SUV
Commercial vehicles
Residence / Office

Window tint:

Window films offer the ability to reject heat from the sun during the day and thus make your vehicle provide increased comfort and your air conditioning system works more efficiently. In addition, they add a degree of safety by helping to hold broken glass in place in the event of an accident or vandalism. Choose from a variety of high-performance metallized or standard non-reflective automotive films. They are installed by our industry professional and backed by a strong warranty to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have made the right choice.

Race car livery
Any car, truck or SUV
Commercial vehicles

Products offered:

gmp exotics

At GMP, exotic cars aren't simply a different type of car - they're a serious passion. You won't find such a dedicated team of specialists who can offer this kind of full service all in the same place. You can know that if you bring your very special car to GMP it will be treated with the respect and precision it deserves.

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Marty Barry

Owner - Custom Mobile Electronics

A 35 year veteran of in the mobile electronics field and owner of his own shop for the last 20, Marty has built a reputation as the leader in custom installations. The majority of the North Bay’s premier auto dealerships trust Custom Mobile Electronics with their work, and it’s a testament to Marty’s reputation that almost all of his business is either repeat business or referrals from satisfied customers.

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