At GMP Cars, we provide the highest quality repairs with our state of the art facilities and experienced technicians. ICAR Gold and ASE certifications, and over 100 years combined experience, give us the know-how to fix any car quickly and sets the bar for repair standards. Additionally we have in-house access to repair services that most shops have to farm out, which ensures both quality control and a speedy turnaround time. We work with all insurance companies so you don't have to, and we offer pickup and delivery. Our goal is not only a flawless repair, but to make the experience as stress free as possible.

Meet our founders:

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the gmp experience

GMP Cars is a premium service provider for the San Francisco Bay Area automobile community. Customer service is our highest priority, and your GMP Experience is guaranteed to be first-class and hassle-free. “We make it easy!"

Employees are the most valued part of GMP Collision. We desire employees who will help us to add value to our important relationships with customers; and in exchange, GMP offers a work environment that promotes growth and financial advancement for all.


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