FOG Rally through Mendocino

FOG Rally was a drive through beautiful Mendocino county. The FOG Rally raised over $300,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation. The drive featured all eras of Ferraris from new to old. The drive went through back roads and busy highways turning heads and creating smiles all along the way. Whether it be a quick fuel stop or lunch at a winery, people flocked to just get a chance to look at the beautiful group of Ferraris that took place in the event. GMP help a special place in the FOG event by providing a whole support team. GMP raised the bar and Brought along a Master Exotic Technician and an enclosed transport vehicle for anyone who had trouble that couldn’t be fixed promptly. GMP not only provided support but also participated in the rally amongst all the other spirited drivers. The Fog rally was truly a special event that will only grow in size and in reputation for being one of the best charity rally in the Northern California area.