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GMP CARS  is an alliance of automotive services including mechanical repairs, collision repairs and refinish, and restoration services flowing together under one roof and offering customers a one-stop-shop experience. Our extraordinary team of carefully selected experts specialize in quality maintenance, precision restoration, and high end enhancements to the finest cars in Northern California.




1950 Mercury Coupe

Completed by GMP Cars Restoration division in Novato, California with only excellence in mind, this beautiful 1950 Mercury Coupe has been to SEMA twice. Both SEMA appearances showed the car in Bare Metal during the fabrication stages of the build. If you had the chance to view this car before paint then you know how much prep work was done to get it to look like it does. Everything about this car has been thought out, designed and then fabricated.

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1968 Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger has been an icon of American muscle since its inception in 1966. This Pro Touring-style ‘68 Charger has been in process at GMP Cars Restoration for more than a year. Starting with perfecting the metal work and fitting panels the car was brought to bare metal and the fabrication process began. A new transmission tunnel was made to house the 6 speed Tremec transmission and we added a fitted piece of metal before the radiator to direct air towards the new Aluminum Radiator.
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